Land O'Lakes Powder

The Details

Land O'Lakes Specialty Powder is a division that researches and creates the cheesy, powdery goodness that coats some of your favorite snacks. The ask was to create a pair of optimized landing pages to tell that story and better facilitate sample requests for R&D formulators, as well as give the division an updated look and feel to help distinguish them from other competitors in the snacking business.

Beyond Cheddar

Flavor Profiles

The snacking landscape is a frontier, and you can see it on the store shelves. Potato chips come in flavors like Cappuccino and Cheesy Garlic Bread. Cheetohs are getting hotter all the time. And although cheddar was the primary area of focus, it was important to communicate that they do more than cheese and offer a multitude of on-trend seasoning blends to let formulators' imaginations run wild in the labs.

Digital Media

Traffic to the site was largely driven by a series of retargeted digital media in various publications.

Sampling Requests

We gave users virtually unlimited access to product samples for their own formulation testing in which fulfillment could be handled by a regional rep who could also facilitate more specialized need states.

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