The Art of Dilusso

The Details

The DiLusso Deli Company has been making premium handcrafted salami for New Yorkers for almost a century. To spread more awareness we developed an experiential campaign drawing connections between the New York art scene and the traditional art of salami making. This included the recruiting of several local artists commissioned for pieces to be displayed in a mobile art gallery which made stops around New York for consumers to interact with. Media promoting the events laddered up to a special micro-site explaining the nature of the campaign, as well as posting highlights of consumer interactions via Instagram and listing future stops in the city.

On The Move

Mobile Gallery

As the mobile art gallery moved from one location to the next, consumers could refer back to the site to see the next location or view highlights of the events they may have participated in via a hashtag driven Instagram feed.


Geo-tags on the Instagram hashtag would provide the data to populate a visual representation on the site of where the gallery had been.

The future generation of New York Artists

As part of the campaign, a portion of product sales was donated to Young Audiences New York who develop arts programs for inner-city youth.


We kept an updated feed of current and future pop-up locations for people in the area and anyone interested in attending upcoming events.

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