The Details

Algavia is a San Francisco based company that creates sustainable cooking ingredients from a strain of micro algae that converts sugars into oils and proteins. The challenge was to present this company and their products to the world. What made this an especially challenging exercise was that the concept of food derived from algae is a foreign proposition to most of the world. In addition to gaining consumer acceptance, we also needed to be sensitive to some hot-button issues in the world of food manufacturing — namely GMOs. At a time when the term GMO was synonymous with poison, we had to educate the public that, in fact, not all GMOs are bad. Sounds like PR spin, but as it turns out, this is actually true.

Enhanced Visuals

We used plenty of illustrated aids to help break up lengthy explanations, such as environmental impact stats, into more digestible chunks.

Adding Depth

Throughout the site we incorporated environmental backdrops to frame key concepts and immerse users in the narrative, which revolved around the core product as a product of nature with roots going back millions of years.


Nutritional case studies became an essential tool to help sell investors and formulators on the benefits of the products as a replacement for ingredients like butter.

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