ACH Brands

The Details

ACH provides cooking and baking ingredients to foodservice operators and holds several sub-brands including Durkee® spices, Argo® corn starch, and Karo® corn syrup. The ask was to redesign their online foodservice UI while consolidating their array of brand sites into a more consistent and unified experience both visually and functionally. This included a deep dive into how to unify the database responsible for filtering product attributes within search.


The first step was a complete content audit for all sub-brands to formulate a plan of attack, followed by wireframing out where there was content overlap between brand sites.

The System

Content Types

Because we were trying to unify a variety of disparate content, we needed to develop a system before thinking holistically about pages. Instead of designing pages, we started by developing a system of components and content types — modular, flexible, responsive, and able account for future states and anomalies in product data.


We simplified the search and filtering process while retaining enough flexibility to account for the variations in search criteria from brand to brand.

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